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Ashiq Kareem

Ashiq Kareem’s conglomerate ‘Rusiya Group’ has gone miles ahead and has excelled in every field. The company has its interests in Retailing building materials, Hardware, Electrical Equipments , Sanitary products, food and much more.

Born in India and brought up in Doha, he is a MSC by qualification and carries a vast experience in Auditing with the TOP MNCs. After his graduation, he took over his family business ‘Rusiya Group WLL’. In 2 years, the young entrepreneur has managed business worth over millions and expanded his business empire. His only life mantra is to build an empire and give more than he gets. Idolizing his father’s business ethics, Ashiq Kareem aims to walk on the path which can thrive for excellence in all spheres of life.

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Dr. Kareem Vattapparambil

A Man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Dr. Kareem V.M is the Founder Chairman of Rusiya Group. Under his leadership and guidance, the Group has grown from a small entity in 1993 to Qatar’s most respected and preferred trading conglomerate. The organization is closely guided by his core philosophy of earning and retaining the customer’s trust and goodwill. Dr. Kareem. V.M’s commitment to ethics and a propagating work culture conducive to growth, inspired the team to excel in every department. Having consolidated the Group’s leadership position Dr. Kareem V.M a passionate philanthropist and earnestly believed in giving back to society.

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